1. Is registration mandatory to place an order?
    Yes, registration is mandatory to place orders and also helps us to give you the best customer experience.

2. What should i do if i forgot my account password?
    Go to login form & clik on forgot password link. Enter the email id & click submit.Follow the steps after this.If your still finding it difficult please call us support for assistance.

3. How do i change my email id & phone number?
    Login in to your account and go to profile and change the details & save it.


1. Can i return all kinds of products?
     No, you cannot return all kinds of products.For more information on returns please visit our Return-Cancellation Policy.

2. Why is my order still in processing only?
     Until the vendor ships your product, it will be in processing state.So nothing to worry. You can always call our support number to get more details.

3. Can i cancel my order or a product in the order?
    Products can be cancelled only till the time its been shipped.Once its shipped, you cannot cancel, instead you should return it.

4. A product I want is sold out. Can I still get that product from the vendor ?
    If the product is sold out, you can add that product to your wishlist or call up our support number so that we will call up the vendor & try to fullfill that for you.

5. Can I search for the item I want?
    Ofcourse, provides one of the best search experiences.You can search on various parameters including fabric,color,sku id, occasion etc.

6. How long will it take to deliver my order?
    Usually it takes somewhere between 3-8 days based on the vendor.But Ekprice logistic team usually does it much before the maxmimum time.

7. How do I check my order status?
     Login to your account and navigate to your account and then select orders.

8. What if i dont receive my order after the date specified on the website? strives hard to deliver the product before the agreed date but incase if there is a delay due to unforseen reasons, you will be informed well in advance.


1. Which all payment methods does Ekprice use?
    We are tied up with some of the prestigous vendors such as PayUmoney & PayTM. We are also in the process of integrating few others in coming days.

2. Will my cards details be safe during online transaction?

  •     Keeping your data safe is the utmost important task for Ekprice.
  •     We strive hard to keep your data safe & secure, saying that we process all the transaction through a secure encrypted connection to keep it confidential all the time.
  •     We at Ekprice do not keep your data on any files in our database and that is why you will be asked to enter card details everytime you want to make a purchase.
  •     Ekprice or its associates will never ask your card details or bank details for any sort of verification.If you ever recieve such calls please call up our support number      immediately.


1. I want to sell my products on Ekprice. Who should i do?
    You can directly create an account on or you can also call up our support number for futher assistance.

2. Will Ekprice provide any loans to scale up my business?
    Ekprice will not provide loans directly. But we are tied up with a 3rd party vendor who will provide loans for small businesses and Ekprice is not no-where involved in the loan process directly.

Shipping & Delivery

1. What are Ekprice shipping charges?
    Shipping charges are levied by a few of our sellers for the convenience of delivering products from far off locations & quickly. The charges may range from Rs.25 to Rs.50 per product.

2. Will my entire order be shipped in one package?
    No, this depends on the products in your order.If the order contains products from different sellers, then it will be shipped in different packages.

3. How to track the shippments?
    Ekprice regularly sends you notification through emails & sms regarding your parcel .If you want to track explicitly then we will provide a link where you can track.

4. What if my order arrives incomplete, incorrect, damaged or defective?
    Please call up our support number & we will be ready to help you on this.

5. How can I find out if Ekprice delivers to my location?
    On the product page, you can enter your pin code to check if the delivery to your location is available or not.

6. What if I find my package opened or tampered with upon delivery?
    Our logistics partners are esteemed enough to avoid such things & provide the best customer experience with respect to delivery. In case if you find anything as such, please call our support number immediately.

7. Which courier company will deliver my order? Is it possible to choose my preferred delivery partner?
    No, currently we do not have this facility.

8. Does Ekprice ship internationally?
    No, currently we do not ship internationally.

9. I placed an order. Can I change the shipping address?
     Yes! If your order has not yet been shipped you can change the shipping address. Just call up our support number and we will do the needful.

Product Exchange

1. Can i exchange the product directly without returning the existing product?
    No, currently you will not be able to do that. You have to retrun the first product & then place a new order.