Our story: Ekprice was started with a sole intention of creating an ecosystem where everything will cost the same price for customers, it can be a product, a service or something else in future. Nice Right!! Yeah, we like it too. The idea at its core popped up between 2 friends over a weekend beer.Just thinking Why cant there be a platform where common man can blindly hit the website already knowing what is the price of everything. The ever changing & never stagnant ecommerce market with price wars at every product/service level and unusual spike in prices and then reducing it in the name of discounts using algorithms is a known factor & confusing people. We wanted to bring a change where all 365 days everything on our website will cost the same price and our primary target audience are budget oriented people, offcourse all of us are budget oriented at least the last week of the month aren't we ?.

    Products Store

    In our journey we started with products site where all the products irrespective of category, gender,color,size etc cost just RS.500. YES, Rs.500 for all 365 days and price wont change. Ekprice is attracting small manufacturers,sellers who are into hand made products and they are enthusiactic to partner and sell on our platform as they all know every product will be sold at the same price either individually or as a combo and give variety in products to our customers..

    Services Store

    The era of assinging big projects to a freelancer has come to end as agile takes pole position. Now the world is moving with SMALL TASKS, TASK BASED BUDGET, TIME BASED DELIVERY. Is it not awesome ? Deligate small tasks to freelancers now and get the work done, repeat the process only if your satisfied with the work. Every mile has to start with a foot. Likewise any project should start with either a logo or a line of code. We at Ekprice have a bought like minded people together where somebody wants to sell their service for Rs.500 and somebody want to buy a service for Rs.500. It can be any legitimate service.

    BUY - SELL - 500.

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