What is Ekprice?

Ekprice is a marketplace connecting businesses with freelancers for freelance services.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is a kind of self-employment wherein an individual works self-independently unlike an employee working for any particular company. Here the individual provides specific services lying in his/her expertise and charges on an hourly basis or project basis. The projects taken could be long-term or short-term contracts. Freelancing, also termed as gig economy has proved its bars increasing post-pandemic due to several reasons. Read more

So have a couple of freelancing websites seen an exponential graph in client- freelancer engagement leading to conversions. When businesses are finding it hard to hire full-time employees due to low budgets, this can be the best time for the freelancing business model to rise and shine. Ekprice, being one of the freelancing websites has hit the Indian market probably at the right period that is all set to occupy its space.

How Ekprice is dealing with it,

Ekprice is a platform that connects businesses with Gig workers or freelancers acting as a bridge between them. Ekprice is an India-based initiative, that aims to energize the scope of freelancing in India especially and across the globe. It is a freelancing website wherein freelancers can register themselves and provide their services. Thus, businesses can utilize these services by hiring freelancers. Here is the list of services, freelancers in India can display and leverage earning.

  • Graphic Design
  • Video & animation
  • Tech
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Audio & Music
  • Legal

Advantages of using Ekprice:

For freelancers: Having paid Rs. 500 for a piece of work that you can complete in few hours depending on your expertise. Increasing client network. Ekprice can help any freelancer in immense ways to connect to local and international clients hassle-free and with all ease in communication.

For Businesses: While hiring a full-time employee for contractual work can cost a lot, Ekprice can be the ultimate platform for any business to hire verified freelancers at just Rs. 500. To bag of tension for the complicated hiring process and shortlisting profiles. Ekprice is the best freelancing websites in India, providing freelance jobs. Till now many companies have joined their hands to try over the freelancing services on Ekprice and have got the best results possible. So there are many freelancers for whom, Ekprice is the ultimate source of extra income.

If you are skilled in any of the categories of services and not yet registered, then visit Ekprice website or download our App from Playstore and become a freelancer now.

List of steps for freelancers to register:

  • Visit the freelancing website ekprice.com.
  • Register by making a profile of yours providing all basic information.
  • Once the sign-up is done, on the top right corner next to your name there will be an option called join as a freelancer. After clicking on the option, you will be taken to a page with having start listing option. Click and provide all required information to add your services.
  • To take an idea of how your listed services should look like, you can initially check the services mentioned by other freelancers listed in the services section on the landing page of the website.
  • Now you are all set to receive orders from clients.
  • You can add as many services as you want under a single account.
  • Once the order is received, you can start working on the project and finish it before the deadline.
  • Submit your order and update the status of the order from your side. Once the client also approves the status from his/her side, you get your payment.
  • By providing your account details, you can withdraw your amount anytime you want.
  • A few amazing features you can leverage as a freelancer: you can chat with the client to understand their requirements initially.

Steps for businesses to connect to freelancers on ekprice:

  • Visit ekprice.com
  • Register yourself.
  • On the landing page, all the main categories of freelance services are mentioned. Choose the service you want to hire a freelancer for.
  • Then you are good to choose, the subcategory services.
  • A list of freelancers providing services shall be displayed, from which you can choose any and place an order.
  • A detailed portfolio of freelancers, reviews, and ratings are provided in their profile. You can have a look before placing an order.