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Top 10 Content Writing Tips for Beginners

In the world of speakers and stories, content writers hold their nuance and act like the Chanakya of the party.

While most of us keep dairy or hobby of writing, there will be a day when we question ourselves of can we monetize our writing?

Imagine a friend saying to you, “I earn a six-figure income and all I do is writing.” how fascinating could that sound!

How you start the journey as a content writer decides your success in this industry. Not every approach can make you profitable and of course, there might be different approaches.

Here is the rundown of a few tips that you can inculcate in your schedule to make your writing career walk on the path of fewer mistakes and more success.

1. Select your niche: A content writer is a professional writer who creates engaging and actionable content. There are several categories of writing that you can specialize in- blog writing, articles, SEO specialization, social media writing, website writing, technical writing, copywriting, business writing, and the list never ends depending on what a client comes up with.

You can choose either of the topics or many depending on your vulnerability. But each one comes with its nuance, so in the initial days you can narrow down your spectrum, and while the journey can keep learning and adding topics in the list of your services.

2. Select the topic falling in your niche: The uniqueness of your content decides how long it is going to stay on the internet or lost in the ocean of vast content. Thus find trending topics falling in your niche, finalize the one which best suits you, check out content for the same online, and work on how you can better post it.

3. Own your way of writing: Every successful writer holds a uniqueness to put content their way and distinct from others. This comes with a lot of test and trails but anything that works well for a reader work great for you. Like some keep the content engaging by adding humor, some keep in more professional, but once it works out, you can keep the layout forever. Also, you have to go according to the client’s needs at times. Be flexible!

4. Every successful content writer is a great researcher: You just cannot pop in into any topic without key research. You have to indulge and nosedive yourself to extract the best of the information to put in your writings. Factual content is more engaging than any random anecdote of yours. I have a habit of listening to even a single word spoken while in my communication or while I am reading or watching something and then getting its meaning if I am unaware of it and where can it be used to improvise my dictionary. I know this can cringe you!

5. Choose a distraction-free place to write: You would never want to miss on single next minute thought coming to you to put in your writing and this takes rigorous focus and no distraction. Thus, maintain a set of hours and a place with less encroachment to work. Train your brain by writing every day to become a fast writer. Don’t start editing while you write, first jot down all that is in your brain and then take time to edit meticulously. Well! It takes less time to write than edit. STRANGE!!

6. Represent yourself better online: Before applying for jobs, you have to build a great portfolio, and here are few tips:

  • Own your blog and make your posts public.
  • Get work experience by working for certain NGOs or local businesses. Get testimonials in return.
  • Publish your writings in known forums.
  • Write guest posts for several blogs.
  • Optimize your social profile.
  • Also, you can write on engaging platforms like quora and engage in discussions on platforms like Goodread to showcase yourself.
  • Then, it would be a good time to become a freelance writer or applying for a job.
  • One can apply on Ekprice for a freelance writing job.

7. Be a good reader: Read voraciously to become a better writer. The more you read, the more you understand different approaches to writing and how to play with words. Also, be a storyteller, this always attracts the audience than just randomly pushing any content. Point to note: maintain a flow in your writing which you can only excel through reading.

8. Skills you can learn along with content writing: To be better employable, you can learn extra skills like SEO optimization, content marketing, social media content and copywriting, and few design tools. As these are the categories a content writer has to collaborate with to work in a team.

9. Soft skills play a major role: Communication acts as a bridge between your work and client results. Thus, having strong communication with the entire team you are collaborating with is important. Have an attentive nature even to the minutest of the detail which never allows falling as a content writer.

10. Keep practicing: A constant flow of practice is necessary, to improvise your growth as a content writer and to optimize your efforts further. The more you practice, the more you excel and the less time it takes to come up with strong content later.

Basic writing rules one can follow:

  • Remember, no one these days on the internet read the content between lines, thus learn to write for skimmers, not for readers. Make it sound interesting to hold the attention.
  • Make the title captivating. Only if the envelope looks good people would want to open it.
  • Write the key information first in the article. Follow the F pattern- headline, sub headline, and the first line in the subheading. These are the few things that readers focus on. Thus, make sure these lines are written in a way explaining the rest story.
  • Do keyword research and use them frequently.
  • Avoid passive writing as it’s difficult to read and refer to writing in the first person.
  • Break down entire content into short paragraphs. Pointers are more suitable than sentences.
  • Know your audience while writing and keep your writing style directing in a specific way when you writing for blogs or social media.

These were the few tips one can follow as a beginner content writer. If you have anything more to add please use the comment section for the same, we would love to publish it as a guest post on our forum.