full-time job vs freelancing

The pros & cons: Full-time job vs Freelancing

What comes with the security in various factors in the job is monotonicity. Fed-up with this daily 9-5 routine, a lot of employees think of doing something that adds freedom to their lives. Freelancing is the quick option they think of. On the other hand, swimming in the ocean of uncertainties, freelancers think “Why not a job?”
On a ground note, each of them has its pros & cons and it goes on your priority and circumstances of which to choose. Here is the rundown of how advantageous either of one can be and their drawbacks.


May it be corporate or government jobs, they always come with a great sense of predictability. Right from their working hours, salary to paid leaves everything is planned and so can be the budget and expenses.

Freelancing is more of freedom and being your boss. Nothing is decided prior nor can be predicted. You can work while in bed or sipping coffee. Your earnings are never fixed, so it becomes hard to decide your expenditure at times. But the good part is you get to choose your clients, projects, and working hours. There is the freedom to however you carry your work. Yet the only thing that is strictly predictable is meeting deadlines.

Extra benefits

A regular employee of a company get extra benefits like medical insurance, tax benefits, paid leaves, trips, PF, Retirement plans, parental leave, and sick leaves. The company also organizes training to skill their employees.

Freelancers have to manage these extra benefits on their own. They only get paid for what they work. Also, freelancers can’t leverage the benefit of training, unlike employees. They need to train themselves to expertise them with a particular skill set. YES!! One advantage of this is an ocean of knowledge is present in front of them. They don’t have to limit themselves to learn only what is required, that’s the reason at times freelancers tend to do great in their job and have enormous possibilities open for them. That’s the saying-with any difficulty, comes a great advantage and fortune.

Work security

Job holders always have a paycheque ready at the end of their month. Their work guidelines are also well defined. Even if they are getting fired, a prior notice period is issued to them.

In the case of freelancers, both pay and work are unstable. Maybe for the first month, they might have ample work leading to high income, and the very next month they might fall short of work. of-course handling multiple clients at a time and managing a schedule is something in their hand which is one way to stabilize their work and thus income. Freelancers need to build a great portfolio and reputation to sustain the clients. Thus they always maintain a good amount of soft skills. Out of any insecurity, the freelancing journey is always filled with worthy experiences and adventure.

Being your boss

An employee has less control to choose on what he/she wants to work. There are certain guidelines they have to follow, the strict number of fixed hours they need to work, and report their timely work to the senior. They are always guided by their boss and have to be a follower.

On the other hand, freelancers have freedom of choice in terms of their clients to work with, their project, working hours, and so much more. They are only guided and bounded by their work and nothing else. If they don’t like any project, they can opt-out. This makes the journey of a freelancer more interesting and fascinating. “BE YOUR OWN BOSS.” Is the tagline they rely upon.

Work-life balance

When it comes to socializing, a full-time employee usually has a big group of colleagues, of whom few become friends and share a strong bond. Also, companies offer trips and outings.

Freelancers are usually found alone because they work remotely. They have great networking abilities but socializing becomes quite hard as they meet fewer people on regular basis.

But the best part of freelancing is their freedom of time, they can inevitably spend ample time with their family, friends, attend events shifting their regular schedule, unlike a regular employee for whom it is hard to find or manage time for any such thing. At times they do have to miss important gatherings and events.

Office politics

Politics in corporate life is nothing new to us. Influencing your manager or boss to get a promotion, increment in salary, etc., these are common brainstorms any corporate employee has to face.

While freelancers are free from all these politics and thus it makes it easy to focus on work for them.


Whether you opt for an adventure rough road of freelancing or a regular job, each of these has its pros and cons. What makes it an obvious choice for you is the situation and circumstance you are going through which can help you prioritize what to choose. While a curriculum of office in a regular job can add alertness and motivation automatically to work regularly, in freelancing you need to be your motivator but once you have learned to get up with the same enthusiasm, that’s it!!! You are born to reach heights in this journey of freelancing then. And for the work you love to do, I don’t think it takes a push of rock to build that determination. So, read the above blog and understand your priorities to hold on to either of one.

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