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Tips to become a successful freelance graphic designer

In the world of digitalization, graphic design is regarded as one of the most profitable businesses in the future. It provides endless opportunities to work with brands, professionals, and businesses around the world. Yet, for the majority of graphic designers, there comes a saturation working as an employee and it requires tremendous preparation to make the transition to the freelance graphic designing world due to immense competition. After all who doesn’t want to be the next Rob Jenoff known for his creation of the Apple Logo.

Not every freelance graphic designer finds success in the industry, here are few tips one may follow to make the journey more reliable and successful.

1. Be passionate about your art: In the world of creativity like graphic designing, one can only survive unless one is immensely passionate about it. One needs to read in between the lines to be a perfectionist in this field, while there is no end to learning here. Always be in the forefront row to research about latest developments in the industry, newly introduced software, platforms where you can reach potential clients, your competitors, and trends-setters.

2. Keep your toolkit up to date: using outdated software can back a graphic designer from the competition due to low graded designs, thus its important to have sophisticated software and learn how to master it to make the process more streamlined. Try to accommodate advanced software that will help you grow your skills in designing graphics. Work with a discipline to meet your deadlines and keep an ergonomic work station with the necessary pieces of equipment to carry the work smoothly.

3. Learn new skills: the internet is filled with a plethora of information one can easily get through to learn new skills in graphic designing. It is the age where online tutorials, articles, and the best of tips from successful experts have pared down the level of any good learning coming from traditional classrooms. Even beginners can take maximum advantage of resourceful knowledge to light-up their careers in the initial years.

4. Join the freelancing communities to build a good client base: Thanks to the freelancing platforms that one can join easily by free signing up where one can easily advertise their skillset to entertain clients. It is nowhere necessary that you have to be loyal to a single platform, it’s all about getting maximum projects by whatever trick you can.

5. Make personal efforts to enhance your network: While the freelance communities can help you get a good source of income, there is no harm in self-advertising. You can own your website, and design it in a way that portrays your work style. Embed it with your portfolio showcasing your services, experience, and niche. Use your social media profile to represent your work which could attract more customers. Try to connect with each person coming your way online and conversationally convey your work to them. We never know who might recommend you to the needy or turn into a potential client. After having a great online presence, try for job applications on professional mediums like LinkedIn. Remember, its all about hit and try after all efforts of great web presence. Keep hitting submits until it is a conversion and whoa! A moment for you.

6. Understand your client’s need thoroughly: In this industry, it’s important to visualize a certain work exactly in the way the client imagines it, thus make sure you extract it completely from the clients about their needs and try to have an intense conversation on it before you head-on.

7. Always welcome revisions if asked: In the graphics world it’s hard to accept you hitting the nail right on the head in the first go. Even if the client doesn’t approve the design for the first time, don’t be stingy to have a recheck on the design and provide them at least three revisions in the start until the trust is built. Once you have won a client, it would then be they going according to your vision and not the other way round which will give you a sense of authority and motivation to work more.

8. Never work for free: being a freelancer, don’t go desperate enough to build a client set that you start working for free. Of course, it’s worth using some marketing tactics but you need to know the value of your work and time. Never give a second thought on saying NO to clients who negotiate a lot of pays and undervalues your services. A client who values your capabilities will never mind paying you more.

Work with all sorts of clients regardless of how big or small the project is and never forget to take the reviews.

Be good at time management. At times something that seems easy would take a lot of time to be completed, better contemplate each project well which will help you get an equation over the amount of time spent and pricing.

To get expertise in any field it’s important to work under an expert. If you get a chance to work under pioneers in this industry, never miss a chance on it.

These are a few tips that could help you smoothen your journey. If you are a graphic designer with some amazing work on your page, please share the link in the comment section. We will be glad to know your work better and invite you to our community of freelancing.