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7 Reasons why you must hire a freelance graphic designer for your business

For any business to be successful, 3 things matter the most- Marketing, Brand, and Communication. Something that links all these is Content.
Content can be portrayed either in words or visuals. But research always says the majority of people prefer visuals due to its speed of absorption. What makes visuals more appealing is graphics.

What is graphic design?

In simple words, graphic design is a combination of text and pictures for the development of visual communication that resonates with the target audience to create and elevate brand awareness.

Graphics are used both in the digital and print medium such as advertisements, magazines, books, social media, etc., graphics create a clear communication of benefits, value, and reasons to believe in the brand’s product and services.

The importance of graphic design in business:

Social Media:

Social media platforms have a major hand in creating brand credibility online. May you choose to have an account on any- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., appealing graphic designs help to establish your brand’s footprint online.

Company Logo:

A customized Logo for your business creates brand recognition. Logos have the power to connect with people’s emotions. Remember how many times you might have come across Mercedes or Apple Logo and uttered with a smile, “Hey look! There’s a Mercedes car around.” Apart from creating credibility, they provide your brand with a firm position in the market, and do they speak a lot about your company by their graphical creation, may it be their color combination or visual representation, a best graphic designed logo simply holds a value.

Get your logo designed by hiring a freelance logo designer


Ads have to follow a certain set of guidelines to make an impact on the viewers. Poorly designed ads are mostly overlooked as noise. Examples aren’t less where companies are trolled online on their ad base. Simply ads can make it or break it. To expertly craft ads, better graphic design is a must.

Package design:

It’s a saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” But the fact is most of us do. The same goes for any product. “Oh! What a nice package, let me try this.” Is so obvious to us. Graphic design plays a major role in package design thus sales increment.


A clear message, better Call-to-action, appealing look given by addition on graphics tends to increase dwell time for any website and thus conversion.
Looking at these benefits it must have been clear to you by now that graphic designs for the growth of your business are a must, so it a skillful graphic designer. They have all the expertise to grab the attention of potential clients and introduce them to your brand credibility.

While biggies have an in-house graphic designer as a full-time employee, it is hard for start-up businesses and small organizations to invest in them. How about hiring a freelance graphic designer? Hire a freelance graphic designer.

Here are a 7 reasons why hiring a freelance graphic designer is a better choice:

1. Cost-effective:

For startups and small businesses, budget is always a major issue. Apart from the fact that freelancers cost less for their work, you need to provide them with extra infrastructure or resources unlike employees nor extra money!

2. Quality of work:

Graphic design freelancers are experts in their work and far more experienced which you can get advantageous. Also, the testimonials, LOR, ratings are more reliable in the case of freelancers than any graphic design agency. Because the rating for the agency can be good but what about the people working in, if they are the same? While freelancers, they solely earn it and it’s their own and trustworthy.

3. Direct possible communication:

Graphic design is a creative field and when you want someone to work for you, it’s very important to convey your imagination and thoughts about, to the person. In-case there are middle man chances are, the idea is biased or lost. Usually, in agencies, this happens as you speak to the owner and not the designer but in freelance graphic designing, this doesn’t happen.

4. Freelancers are flexible:

Either the agencies or in-house employee, they have fixed working hours. Imagine you realized there has to be a change in graphics at night 11. It’s so relieving to tap a call button and get your work done by a freelance graphic designer then and there. Getting interruptions in their routine is so usual to freelancers and accepting them is their obvious happy choice.

5. Quick delivery and revisions if required:

The fact that freelancers believe in finishing their tasks on time, so are their revisions. Never you have to go through a long chain process of calling back the agencies and explaining to them the entire flaw and they do the same to their designers and it coming back in the same chain. This can be time-consuming otherwise.

6. You get personal attention:

Freelancers only take projects falling in their capacity and they provide full justice to those, unlike the agencies who are more attentive for high payers.

7. Freelancers know all that is going on in the market:

Your ideas might be good but it’s hard to catch the level of a skillful graphic designer. they study, research, and collab their views to design even a single graphic. The audience does love what is unique and that speaks your brand but there is a way to portray the same which a graphic designer very well knows.

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